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While it might be bad for the business of the criminal defence lawyers he left behind, Andy Berna has been devoting some of his retirement to teaching Kamloops kids to read. 

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Surfing such popular social networking sites Facebook and MySpace requires using a few cyber self-defense skills.

Most adults are aware that they’re opening themselves to marketers looking to mine data, and viruses that are spread via site notifications. The sites also post warnings about new threats. What they rarely mention is that con artists and identity thieves can find a wealth of information in the average personal page.  For example, what better way to find the most common security password on a bank account -- the mother’s maiden name -- than by visiting someone’s Facebook page and finding all those cousins on the friends list?

But for parents an even greater fear is cyber-bullies or worse. Predators looking to meet children have only to find a group organized around a current band or a toy collecting fad to gain access to thousands of children and their friends via their friends list. 

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Screaming headlines proclaiming stock market meltdowns, bank failures, and job losses  leave even the most confident investors feeling shell-shocked. For small investors whose primary concern is financing retirement the current onslaught of bad news, delivered in hysterical tones, often induces unnecessary fear.

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