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Graham Yost

Posted by Shannon

My latest column at on the decline of old-fashioned TV watching prompted a poster to make an excellent point: Ironically, some of the best television ever produced is airing right now.

And as we’re all watching it by other means, it’s important we tip our friends to what’s good. I’ve started a list of the stuff I’ve loved, and would welcome any recommendations.


This is the single best TV show I’ve seen since Mad Men (with The Wire and Deadwood being my other benchmarks). I might have missed it because the story of a trigger-happy U.S. Marshall assigned to work hillbilly Kentucky couldn’t interest me less. Or so I thought. It was inspired by an Elmore Leonard short story, and features some of the most disciplined TV writing anywhere. The episodes fly by and the taut scripts leave you wanting more -- along with the great acting. It stars Tim Olyphant who played Bullock in Deadwood and a couple of characters actor who will look vaguely familiar, but you probably can’t place. Season 1 is good, with the fascinating Walton Coggins as Boyd, the cracker criminal who is the flip side of Olyphant’s Marshall character Raylan Givens. But Season 2 is brilliant, in no small part due to Margo Martindale, who plays Mags, a sort of Ma Barker of the hillbilly set. Season 2 just hit DVD, and Season 3 kicks off this month on FX. It was created by Canadian Graham Yost.

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