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Facebook Faux Pas

22 Aug 2010
Posted by Shannon

What used to be considered a social faux pas is now a Facebook feature.

Last week Facebook added “Places,” which is a variation on the creepy FourSquare social networking site that allows you to announce your presence everywhere in the real world. Merchants give points for mentions, which can be turned into rewards of dubious value.

But Facebook manages to make it creepier, by ensuring that people who have never signed up for such an invasion of privacy are now subjected to it. Unless you opt-out, you can be photographed and tagged by the overzealous idiots on your friends-list and have your whereabouts reported across the grid.

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Posted by Shannon

Apparently life is about nothing more than the getting of goods. Or so suggests the latest social media craze known as social shopping, in which participants broadcast their credit card transactions.

What you bought, where, and what you paid for it is now on offer for all to see.

Swipely is the latest entrant on the scene, and it swears it’s an improvement over Blippy, a cunning little service that also posted people’s credit card numbers for easy Googling. That was a positive boon to thieves, so I understand why they’re interested in signing up -- but why is anyone else? - Read more