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Posted by Shannon

The New York Times is all a-twitter about New York City Ballet dancers being, well, all a-Twitter.

Several are using the bumper sticker of social media to tweet about their feet and various other concerns at intermission, in the physiotherapist's office, or on the bus.

I’m not sure of the wisdom of letting dancers speak directly to the public. Fifteen years as a dance critic taught me that letting dancers speak for themselves rarely ends well – for the companies that is.

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The Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s current tour of Giselle, which opens in Vancouver tonight, looks suspiciously like Evelyn Hart’s unofficial farewell tour. But it’s best not to mention the “R” word to her -- that’s retirement. Although she will be 46 in April, Hart says that the idea of beginning any performance knowing that it will be “The Last One,” is more stress than she can bear.

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