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Royalty: where everything old is new again

12 Feb 2020
Posted by Shannon

When the video of Prince Harry hitting up the head of Disney to hire his actress wife began circulating, I was struck by what an old-fashioned guy he is. Princes and Showgirls have always been a thing and he was on the well-worn path of his royal ancestors who had helped Lillie Langtry and Nell Gwyn tread the boards. It was obvious!

How had all the Meghan & Harry brouhaha failed to put his ideas about modernizing the monarchy into historical context, I wondered? So I approached the Toronto Star with a remedy and a column. It was such fun that I'm thinking I should take-up SussexWatch full-time. 

"The Sussex Royal enterprise seems to be just a new twist on a traditional scheme: use royal influence to raise an actress’s profile, obtain opportunities, and make a fortune. I think the merching Markle would have admired Lillie Langtry: she was one of the first celebrity product endorsers, parlaying her glowing complexion into promoting Pears soap in the 1880s." 

Although, if I really think about it, the former Suits actress with the knack for blogging has more in common with one of my favourite literary characters, the clever Becky Sharp. The column can be found at the Star's site.