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Progressive Puritans

23 Mar 2010
Posted by Shannon

I just had the odd experience of reading an Alternet piece supporting views I agree with – that children should be rescued from the clutches of McDonalds and other junk food suppliers -- that left me cheering for the other side. It was so Puritanical and full of misinformation and zealotry that suddenly I saw the good in the faux burger supplier.

According to Jill Richardson, kids are being manipulated by junk food producers like McDonalds. (Well, duh.) They nag their parents (shocking!) for chicken mcnugget runs courtesy of marketing schticks that include toys and fun. (Oh say it ain’t so.) And thus, marketers must be prevented from advertising to children because… commercials are making them fat.

Say what?

Richardson claims the well-known link between childhood obesity and television disappears if the sprog watch educational DVDS or commercial-free programming.

Earnest and well-meaning programming fights fat? Good to know. I guess I can laze around watching Jane Austen dvds in lieu of going to the gym without going up a jeans size too.

Her theory is that the evil McDonalds commercials are driving youth to happy meals, which leads to excess poundage. It serves her agenda: she wants to curtail marketing fake food to children. (And here we all thought the obesity problem was due to being sedentary.)

Call the piece lies, damn lies, and self-righteous opinions.

Now, I hate McDonalds. Haven’t eaten there since I was a teenager and discovered the filet o’fish gave me a headache every time. Having seen Supersize Me, I’m guessing I’m allergic to some chemical combo designed to deliver a food-like experience.

But this is the type of tripe that makes me despise the group Americans call “progressives.” They’re just as controlling and anti-democratic as the religious right – wacky New Agers instead of wacky Baptists – and they share the same impulse to tell other people what to do based on some arbitrary view of morality.

For a land that lauds individualism they’re all oddly squeamish about taking responsibility for their own actions. Here’s a tip: you don’t like your kids eating at McDonalds, then just tell the little emperors no.