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cat peddling for fun and profit

24 Mar 2010
Posted by Shannon

TabithaTabithaThere’s no day so bad it can’t be improved by the hilarious, barely concealed rage of Australian satirist David Thorne.

Over at his blog 27b/6 he recounts the tales of his encounters with petty authority figures, dimwitted neighbours, and general fuckwits. He’s an inveterate letter writer with a mad passion for torturing the irony-impaired. The escalating exchanges frequently leave me collapsed over my keyboard laughing.

This month’s offering is sparked by David’s attempt to make a career change. Graphic design and writing don’t pay so he’s going into a business selling substances that earned him threats from the local constabulary. Eventually, he buckles and renames the substance “cats.” The exchange between him and Officer Michael Harding is a thing of beauty.

David is inviting investors so he can raise the capital necessary for the initial purchase of, er, cats and a spiffy metal briefcase in which to carry them.

There are worse places to invest.

Oh, and that photo of the bobbed pixie giving readers the finger? That’s Tabitha Gnillort, the site's mascot. My computer consultant, Antler Boy, is so enamoured with 27b/6 that he has joined a group called “I wish Tabitha Gnillort were my girlfriend.”

At least I think that’s why he joined the group.