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Medical group slams college's energy-healing courses

The British Columbia Medical Association is criticizing Vancouver's Langara College for training the public in therapies that are "medically useless" and potentially harmful.

The Globe And Mail 31 Aug 2009
Former Ballet BC director wins in court

A court has granted Ballet British Columbia's former artistic director the right to add his cancelled contract to the company's list of debts.

In a June 19 decision, Madam Justice Carol Ross of the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled thatthe bankruptcy trustee, E. Sands and Associates, was wrong to disallow John Alleyne's claim for$142,784.92. The claim was based on his employment contract, which required 12 months notice orpayment in lieu of notice. The trustee argued that when Ballet B.C. terminated and rehired Mr. Alleyne,his damages were mitigated.

The Globe And Mail 17 Jul 2009
Tenants in “Pandora’s boxes” face mountain of troubles

Parkview Apartments, the nondescript four-storey walk-up at 2255 Pandora in Vancouver looks fine from the outside, but it’s the sort of building where cockroaches aren’t nervous.

The Globe And Mail 27 Nov 2007
Canadians retain the right to skinny-dip

The B.C. Supreme Court confirmed the right of Canadians to skinny dip at private parties -- even if they’re held in municipal pools governed by prudish politicians.

 In his decision yesterday, Mr. Justice Paul Williamson quashed Surrey City Council’s decision to stop renting the Newton Wave Pool to the Surrey Skinnydippers Club.

He called council’s reasons for preventing the private late night swims “patently unreasonable.”

The Globe And Mail 9 Nov 2007
Lower Mainland braces for the worst

Homeowners in the Lower Mainland cities surrounding Vancouver are reminded of the real cost of their beautiful waterfront views as they prepare for the spring runoff on the Fraser River, which has the potential to cause the worst floods since the 1948 disaster that predated the dikes.

Then again, it could be a false alarm for the area, as it was in 1999 when cool weather allowed for a slow melt of the snow-packed Fraser Basin.

The worst-case scenario would be a week-long heat wave followed by heavy rains during the crucial mid-May to late-June period.

The Globe And Mail 5 Apr 2007
Ontario author files suit against UBC over harassment policy

The University of British Columbia is being sued by an Ontario-based author who claims the school breached a contract by failing to provide her with a safe working environment while she was Green College’s journalist-in-residence in fall 2004.

Green College is unique at UBC: a traditional-style residence with a good dining hall that is designed to bring a mix of interdisciplinary grad students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting professors, and visiting scholars together to exchange ideas.

The Globe And Mail 13 Oct 2006
Legal experts say welfare moms have rights case

Debbie Krull knows exactly what poverty looks like: a pot of pasta infested with maggots writhing in the boiling water. "This is so gross; is it okay to say this?" asks the 31-year-old mother of two as she brushes a long strand of brown hair out of her eyes and back into her dishevelled ponytail. "When I looked at the dried pasta, I found the larvae were right in it-it was past due."

"It's not the food bank's fault," Krull adds quickly. "They do the best they can. But grocery stores donate food that is past due that they can't sell."

The Georgia Straight 28 Apr 2005