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Learning to take the audition in stride


Like dance schools the world over, Ottawa’s Dance Educators on Rideau Street,  begins classes with a traditional, if unofficial, warm-up -- a run up a couple of flights of stairs. This is one of the most comforting things about studying ballet: it is a ritual as much as an exercise.  Here, as everywhere, dozens of devotees in black leotards and pink tights are beginning their Saturday with plies done on a hardwood floor that has been buffed to a soft blonde by thousands of slippered feet.

Ottawa Citizen 25 Oct 1999
Obit: The Male Ponytail, 1972 – 1998


Where have all the men in ponytails gone? The hair-in-bondage look – once a fashion must among Ottawa’s male civil servants and some of its ore visible TV personalities – seems to have al but disappeared. Did someone send out a memo?

The last vestiges of the dubious style can still be found among the would-be hip, but increasingly, it has become a sign of the uncool. Or at least the unemployed.

Ottawa City magazine 1 Feb 1999
Hollyhock Blends Salt air and Spirituality Lite

Holistic retreat’s soothing massages and welcoming woods make for a blissful rest – just don’t ask too many questions

Cortes Island – A dozen of us are stretched out on the floor like spokes in a wheel, inside a round cedar-log building at Hollyhock, a holistic centre on Cortes Island on the Strait of Georgia about 150 kilometres north of Vancouver. Rain drums on the skylight that crowns the seven-metre-high ceiling while Torkin Wakefield, a 40ish therapist from Colorado, leads us through a relaxation exercise.

The Georgia Straight 28 Mar 1996
Why did Pat Neary Leave?

The saga of Ballet British Columbia’s internal woes has taken on the look of a soap opera in recent months. Gossip, rumour, charges, counter-charges and regular revelations by reporters have company members referring to BBC by the sobriquet, “As the Ballet Turns.” 

The Georgia Straight 30 Mar 1990